Two urgent steps Real Madrid must take to turn things around

Real Madrid currently occupy the fifth position in the Spanish league table and that’s obviously unacceptable for a club who won three consecutive Champions League glory.

The Spanish giants are not just scoring goals, their overall performances since the start of the campaign have been nothing to write about.

The defence is too fragile; midfield is far from impressive as they hardly create any goalscoring chances neither do they control the pace of games.

The Los Blancos attacking frontline hasn’t been the same since their talismanic striker Cristiano Ronaldo completed his €100m switch to Juventus in the summer.

Solari’s men have scored just 26 goals after 18 league matches and that’s a disastrous record for a club with such reputation.

As much as winning the league seems out of proportion, it’s never too late for Solari and his employers to find solutions to the team’s dwindled form.

Here are two urgent steps Solari and Florentino Perez must take to make the Los Blancos return to form as soon as possible.

A proven goalscorer and a playmaker are desperately needed

It’s obvious that Ronaldo’s departure is having negative effects on the team because no player has shown the tenacity and determination to replace the Portuguese man.

Solari and his boss must target a move for unsettled Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski this month. The polish striker is a great and in-form goalscorer and he would definitely be an upgrade to Benzema and injury-prone Gareth Bale.

The club should also ensure that Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard dumps the Blues in their favour. Hazard’s presence at the middle of the pitch will surely help Modric and Kroos return back to their usual form.

Solari must up his player’s confidence level

If there’s one thing the team are collectively going through, that must be lack of confidence in their ability.

Raphael Varane, who was a no-nonsense defender throughout last season, has turned to an error-prone centre-back.

Kroos, Modric, and Asensio who were awesome under Zinedine Zidane are now finding it hard to put up a man-of-the-match display.

Solari must help boost his players confidence level by making them know it’s not too late to right their wrongs.

The Spaniard must take charge of the dressing room and improve the psychological aspect of the team

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